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Repair and Rebuilding Estimate Services

One of the most popular calls I receive these days is about refurbishing and rebuilding of old pianos.  One common scenario is that the caller has inherited an old family heirloom piano and wants to restore it to full function.  If this describes you, then you have come to the right place!  Yes, I do offer rebuilding and refurbishing services for old pianos.  Yes, it does bring the piano back to original playability, and usually better!  There are great benefits to hiring me for this service.  It literally brings the piano back to life.  I disassemble the instrument and replace/rebuild whatever is needed to restore full functioning and tuning stability.  In my shop, this can include:

  • All new strings

  • All new hammers

  • New action and damper felt

  • Stripping and re-bronzing the plate (some call it the "harp")

  • Rebuilding damper pedal system and trapwork

  • New white or black keytops

  • New key bushings

  • New flanges and/or pins

  • Complete action re-design and replacement

  • Refinishing

Estimate service appointments start at $75 plus tax (plus mileage, if not in Wichita Falls).  If you choose to proceed with work that totals more than $750, your paid estimate fee is subtracted from your final total.  For these large scale jobs, a 10% down payment is required at time of piano pick up before work is started.

Yamaha C3 Grand

McPhail Grand

Young Chang Polyester Repair

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