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Premium Piano Moving Services

Premium piano moving services are offered and are subject to availability. Spinet, console and studio pianos generally cost less than the gigantic old full-sized uprights, depending on the circumstances. Premium grand piano moving is also available, utilizing highly specialized equipment and expertise. The trailer used in either case is custom made for the task. I also deliver the pianos that I sell for no additional cost. All piano moving is insured up to $10,000.

Moving costs may depend on mileage, piano location in home, entry stairs and size of piano. 2nd floor
and higher moves are not available. Please call 940-613-9335 for a custom quote and for availability.

Current sample pricing:

Spinet/console piano move, in-town: 


Studio and Large upright piano move, in-town: 

$375 - $400

6' Grand piano move, in-town:

$425 and up

Piano Climate-Controlled Storage

Need a place to store your piano during a renovation, moving, building process?  I offer storage for your piano in my climate controlled shop.  Moving charges apply to pick of your piano before storage and delivery after storage.  I've had a lot of families using this service lately and it has been a lifesaver for them!

Current sample pricing:

Spinet/console/studio piano:  $35/month

Vintage Tall Upright piano: $40/month

Grand pianos up to 6': $45/month

Grand pianos bigger than 6': $50/month

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