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(first-visit service)

If you can't remember when your piano was tuned last, it probably will require a pitch correction before fine tuning.  These two services happen at the same visit and equate to two complete piano tunings.  Includes a rough tuning to raise tension across the entire piano, then one fine tuning. 


(returning customers)

For pianos that are serviced regularly, either every year or every other year. Included with this service are a small amount of action/pedal adjustments, if time allows. Plan for me to be with your piano for one to two hours.


(full-day service)

I tune, regulate, and repair your piano and prioritize its needs based on the degree of urgency it presents. This may include replacing or refurbishing some felt components as needed. This price is an average figure. If you're considering this service, let's meet and evaluate your piano in order to calculate the exact cost.  Customers who take advantage of this complete service can't believe the difference it makes. Most say that the piano plays and sounds better than it did when it was new!

Starts at $450 plus tax and up

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