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The TS-118 Stands at 46-1/2" tall and can be upgraded to a Glory Edition.  Available in Black Polish (Black Satin for Glory Edition); Mahogany Polish; Walnut Polish; White Polish


One of the best features of all Norberg Pianos is the reverse gradient weighting of the keys.  Instead of adding weight to the keys in the bass and subtracting from the treble, Norberg does the opposite!  The hammers in the bass section already add more inertia than in the high treble, so the keys are weighted lighter in the bass and a little heavier in the treble.  This produces THE MOST EVEN TOUCH WEIGHT of any piano available.  It just makes sense.


• Slow-Closing Fallboard 

• Plate Color Norberg Gold 

• Pinblock Veneered in Mahogany (except TS-110) 

• Dehonit 17 Average Layered CNC Machined Drilled Pinblock     

• German Roslau Strings (except model 110 which is Stainless)  

• Luo Action Set to Concert Grand Specifications 

• Proprietary Pressed German Abel AA Wurzen Felt Hammers (Red Core Felt)  

• Austrian Spruce Laminated Soundboard 

• CNC Notched and Pinned American Maple Bridges 

• Precision Lead Weighted Keys 

• German Designed CNC Precision Cut Sugar Pine Keys 

Norberg TS-118 Black Polish Vertical Piano

$10,499.00 Regular Price
$6,500.00Sale Price
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